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CAMI's Publications

CAMI's Heritage Cookbook - $10.00Camis-cookbook
Cook like a Magdalen Islander with these traditional, local recipes. Not only will you learn how to make breads and loaves, but you will also be briefed on how to can lobster and dry codfish. This historical cookbook will give you a whole range of recipes Magdalen Islanders still know and love today.

CAMI's Memories of Yesteryear - $10.00

A primary source of history, told by those who lived it. CAMI's Memories of Yesteryear is a wonderful compilation of stories by English-speaking Magdalen Islanders. Days gone by are forever salvaged in this publication of memories of a time lost to us today.


Island Schools - $10.00

Journey through the Anglophone schools of the Magdalen Islands with this charming historical publication. From one room schoolhouses, to the two remaining English schools today, this publication will inform you of all the past and present physical structures and the educators that made them schools.

Historical Heritage Sites of the Magdalen Islands' Anglophone Communities - $15.00

By Norma Jean Clarke
This easy to read guide will provide you with all the Anglophone heritage sites around the Island. View the traditional houses with information on when they were built and the carpenters who built them. A great accompaniment while touring the Islands!

Historical Heritage of English Communities on the Magdalen Islands / Patrimoine historique des communautés Anglophones des Ȋles de la Madeleine - $15.00

By Wynn Currie
The English minority communities have been part of the Magdalen Islands for hundreds of years. Who were the local carpenters, merchants, and teachers? When were the churches and schools built? This interesting, easy to read historical publication details the first settlers, to their present day descendents, and the communities they built around them.

Entry Island: Life and Times / Ile d'Entrée: une vie une époque - $10.00

An overview of how an out port island of the Magdalen Islands was settled, survived, and remains populated today. From family history to traditional pastimes, this wonderful, historical review of Entry Island is a joy to discover!

They Are All Our Heroes: Lest we forget - $15.00

World War One and World War Two attracted volunteers from all corners of the Empire. Even on the isolated Entry Island, part of the Magdalen Islands, men rushed to volunteer for their country. This publication presents to readers the Entry Islanders who sacrificed their innocence, and at times their lives, during the two World Wars.


Other Publications

Captains-of-the-shoalCaptains of the Shoals/Capitaines des hauts-fonds by Frédéric Landry - $15.00
144 pages
Captains of the Shoal is, through those who have visited, settled on them and loved them, the history of the Iles de la Madeleine. A history of patience, tenacity, work and daily courage. A long history of sea and fog, fishing and shipwrecks. From the Vikings to the present, through Cartier, the Conquest, the wanderings of the Acadians and the ruthless lords, Frédéric Landry describes the settling of the Acadians on the Iles de la Madeleine. Descended from a long line of captains and a sailor himself as well as the director of the Museum of the Sea, he lovingly presents to us the Madelinots, those captains of the shoal.



World War Two Souvenir Video - $20.00
Bird Species at Risk of Iles de la Madeleine/Oiseaux en peril des Iles de la Madeleine $12.00 Length: (20 minutes, 26 seconds)
The organization Attention FragIles invites us on an intimate voyage in the company of three bird species whose only nesting area in Quebec is the Iles de la Madeleine archipelago. View striking images and learn all about their way of life, the threats they face and the efforts that are being made to protect them. This captivating documentary shares with us the pleasure of life among the birds.
The Dune Environment of Iles-de-la-Madeleine - $12.00
Length: (16 minutes, 36 seconds)
Many people are enchanted by the dunes and beaches of the Iles-de-la-Madeleine archipelago. Behind this striking scenery, however, are plant and animal communities that rely upon a wide range of habitats that are often fragile and essential to several species. This entertaining and educational documentary is an invitation to better understand and preserve this area with its rolling landscape, its particular ecosystems and its unique flora and fauna. It opens a window on a world that will never cease to amaze you.

Shipwreck Map by Leonard Clark - $10.00

Shipwreck Map - $20.00

Red T-shirt with CAMI logo - $14.50
In Memorial Veterans' Cards - $15.00

Discovering the Forests of the Magdalen Islands - $5.00