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Mrs. Robina (Coe) Goodwin is a retired nurse and midwife, who gave many years of service to the English-speaking population of the Magdalen Islands. A native of London, England, Mrs. Goodwin travelled to the Magdalen Islands as an outpost nurse in 1960, where she practiced nursing at the Red Cross in Grosse-Ile. After marrying a local fisherman, Mrs. Goodwin remained in Grosse-Ile where she worked under various health administrations for 37 years, usually being on call 24 hours a day.

Since her arrival, Mrs. Goodwin has been very active in the continued development of the minority English-speaking community. Being in close contact with the local population allowed her to see the need to protect and promote the unique, minority English culture on the Magdalen Islands. Because of this, Mrs. Goodwin has always played a lead role in ensuring the success of many projects and sustainable programs within the community.

Mrs. Goodwin, a founding member of CAMI, acted as treasurer during the organization's first year in 1987. She then became President, a role she kept from 1988 until 2008, and today continues to hold the role of Past-President. She also serves as an advisor to the present CAMI board.

In 2006, Mrs. Goodwin's dedication and service to the community was honoured with the Maria Patton award. Her vital role in the community was again recognized in 2010, when she received the Medal of Honour from the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. Mrs. Goodwin continues to engage in enhancing community vitality in the minority, English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands, where she serves as an indispensable member of CAMI and of the community.
Christopher Nathan Clark was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 20, 1955. He graduated from Eastern Shore District High School in 1973, and then continued his education in a Bsc program in 1973-1974. In the following three years, Mr. Clark worked as an apprentice fisherman and also followed a course in Forest Harvesting. In 1976, Mr. Clark worked in drilling and blasting at a mine in Thompson, Manitoba. Mr. Clark began his career as a fisherman on the Magdalen Islands in 1978. In 1984, he also began cultivating mussels in Grosse-Ile, which was the beginning of the mussel cultivating industry in Quebec.

Mr. Clark has been active in various community organizations over the years, including: Grosse Ile Municipal Councillor, School Commissioner, Fisherman's Association Representative of the Magdalen Islands, member of the Tourism Association, President of Cape Dauphin Cooperative, Public Security Committee, CLD (M.I.), Agglomeration Council of the Magdalen Islands, as well as Mayor of Grosse Ile. Mr. Clark continues to reside in Grosse-Ile, where he continues to be a well known participant in community events and organizations.

In 1986, Mr. Clark was approached by a member of CASA, a community organization in Gaspé, to start a chapter on the Magdalen Islands. As an Anglophone, Mr. Clark felt creating a community non-profit organization would benefit and protect the future of the English-speaking population, and thus, along with the other founding members, Mr. Clark helped create CAMI, a successful organization to this day.
Ruth M. (Taker) Thibodeau, formerly Clark, was born on August 28, 1954 to Susan P. (nee Quinn) and Harvey H. Taker Jr. in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec. Mrs. Thibodeau attended Grosse Ile School, from grades 1-9, Moncton High School and Ecole Polyvalent des Iles. She Graduated from Holland College with a degree in Secretarial Arts, Division of Office Studies in 1974. For numerous years, Mrs. Thibodeau was an essential force in the community. She was Mayor of the Municipality of Grosse-Ile for 9 years and Commissioner of the School Board, representing Grosse Ile School, for 15 years. She also worked for the CLSC des Iles, Pointe de Service de l'Est, from 1980 to 1994. Though, currently residing in New Hampshire where she is co-owner, with her husband, Arnaud V. Thibodeau, of A. Thibodeau Paving Inc., Mrs. Thibodeau hopes to return to the Magdalen Islands, where she can once again enter the English-speaking community that she for so many years gave her full compassion to.

Mrs. Thibodeau became one of the founding members of the Board of Directors of CAMI in March 1987, and remained on the Board until 1994. Her dedication to the English-speaking community inspired her to help in the creation of CAMI, from a round-table, kitchen setting, to the opening of a museum, in order to ensure that the needs of the community were met.

Pamela Keating has been an active community member for most of her life. Along with the other founding members of CAMI, Mrs. Keating saw the need to protect the rights and culture of the Anglophone population of the Magdalen Islands, and so dedicated her time in the creation of CAMI. Her benevolent nature is also proven with her dedication to the Anglican Church. For numerous years she had been a volunteer to the church, acting as Secretary-Treasurer of Holy Trinity.

Mrs. Keating completed her education at the Gaspé CEGEP, obtaining a DEC in Secretarial Studies. Before marrying her husband and returning to the Magdalen Islands, Mrs. Keating worked in Ottawa, Ontario as a Bank Teller.

At Present, Mrs. Keating is temporarily living on Prince Edward Island and is working in her husband's construction company.


Originally from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Elizabeth (Spriggs) Keating came to the Magdalen Islands as a school teacher, in 1964. Mrs. Keating married Keith Keating, a member of the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands in 1965 and remained in the community, where she raised four children. Mrs. Keating played an active role in the community, as a founder of CAMI, as well as editor, translator, and reporter for the local community newspaper, The First Informer. She was also a talented oil painter and pastel artist. She will forever be remembered as a dedicated and involved member of the community of Grosse-Ile.


Nina (Dunn) Clark, from Old Harry, was a dynamic member of the community for many years. A local entrepreneur and mother of three, she dedicated her spare time to organizations like CAMI, ensuring that the requirements of her community were met. Seeing the importance and need of communication, Mrs. Clark assisted in the creation of the local newspaper, The First Informer, where she acted as director, finally giving a public voice to the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands. Sadly, Mrs. Clark passed away in 2011.


An avid volunteer, Lillian (Cox) Turnbull was a founding member of CAMI. Mrs. Turnbull originated from Newfoundland, but married a member of the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands. She taught at Grosse-Ile School in 1951-52, then was a local business owner, opening several stores in Grosse-Ile. For many years Mrs. Turnbull contributed to the cultural development of the community. A fundraiser for the Holy Trinity Church, she produced many successful variety concerts, offering the community cultural entertainment. Mrs. Turnbull was also a creative song and poem composer, and her works can still be found in the Little Red School House Museum.  Mrs. Turnbull now resides in Nova Scotia.